The best bed base for back problems

Some people claim that a good bed base is not important. In our experience, a good slatted base does make a difference and in particular for people with back problems. You can also opt for a different type of bed base. A slatted base or disc base is often more springy than a box spring or mesh base. The latter are better when it comes to ventilation.

The importance of a proper bed base for back problems.

The best bed base for back problems is an ergonomically slatted base which can actively support the lower back when you’re lying on your side or on your back. The lower back is the main problem zone as this is where the leverage is the greatest when a person lifts an object. A classic problem is a bulging disc or a slipped disc between discs L4 and L5. The best slatted base makes sure that the spinal column cannot sag at this sensitive spot. In addition to the lower back, it is also important to support the middle and higher back in a straight line when you are lying on your side.  When lying on your back, the natural s-curve needs a support that suits the shape of your back.

When you are using an ergonomic bed base, the mattress is in principle somewhat thinner so that bed base and mattress can interact together better. The combination of slatted base and mattress is also called ‘sleep system’. The slatted base plays a larger part in the ergonomics. The mattress is produced in such a way that it forms a good unit with the base. An ergonomic sleep system is the best guarantee for pain-free and deep sleep.

high or thick mattress is meant for use on a basic bed base. This can be a springy slatted base, a box spring or a mesh base. But even the importance of this type of bed base cannot be underestimated.

When turning on a mattress (up to 30 times per night) and getting in and out of bed, a good bed base adds extra comfort. This is better for people with a sensitive back and in general more comfortable when you are lying down. In addition, ventilation is the second important characteristic of a good bed base.

Preferably put a bed base on high legs so that you can get in and out of bed in a back-friendly and more comfortable way.  

An adjustable bed base

With an adjustable bed base, certain body zones can be set. This can be an adjustable slatted base or disc base, where the hip, back and shoulder zones can be adjusted separately. It provides the option, for instance, to improve the position of the lower back, provide more support in the lower back, or slightly soften the hip or shoulder zone. All of these are useful adjustments that may have added value for people who need them.

However, the following must be noted. When buying an adjustable bed base, the advice of the sales person also after the sale is a bonus. Very often bed bases are not properly adjusted in the course of time, losing their added value completely. Therefore get all the information at the start about how the bed base is properly installed in your situation. When necessary, ask for an explanation after your purchase. After all, it’s your good night’s sleep.

The advantages of the hydraulic slatted base.

There are 2 essential advantages of sleeping on a hydraulic slatted base.

First advantage Dynamic

Everyone tosses and turns in bed to a greater or lesser extent. The hydraulic slatted base adjusts itself when you turn on your back, for instance. Every person is different. Some people have a more hollow back, others a less defined s-shape. Moreover, you will change over time. A classical example is a pregnant woman, but the weight of your body is also spread differently when you lose or gain 5 or 10 kg in weight.

The hydraulic slatted base anticipates this as well. It adjusts itself constantly and fully automatically. Pre-set systems or bespoke mattresses focus on only one sleeping position and cannot take account of any weight gain or loss.

Second advantage Active support

Active support means that upward movement is also possible. The hydraulic bed base actively supports the back. The active support is a constant. Even if the mattress becomes less comfortable after 10 years of use, the support still applies.

Passive support means softening the zones around the hips and shoulders and a firm back zone. As the mattress wears, the supportive value reduces.

Why hydraulic?

Hydraulic applications exist in all kinds of sectors. The technology allows the transmission of forces in a straight line. Therefore, compared to other systems, there is less friction and forces are transferred more directly to the body.

An important feature of the hydraulic technology of Dorsoo is that it maintains its long-term action. The action remains the same during the total life of the product. Therefore, the upward forces do not diminish so that active support is maintained perfectly.

This is what you call smart technology!

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