The best ergonomic slatted base and mattress for your back.

The bed that follows your body
and not the other way around.

The bed that follows your body and not the other way around.

What is the ACTIVE+ sleep system?

Follows your body

The Dorsoo ACTIVE+ bed is a dynamic bed. It moves actively with you while you sleep. Lying on your back, side or stomach? Your Dorsoo bed follows your body, regardless of the shape of your body or your sleeping position.

Ergonomically perfectly supported

When you lie down…. the slatted base lowers at shoulder and pelvic level and the pumps give their upward support to your legs and lower back.

Unique interaction between bed base and mattress

The ACTIVE+ bed consists of a hydraulic slatted base and a specially developed mattress. The bed base consists of pumps that spread the pressure as you move. The mattress smoothly adjusts to this. This way, your back gets the right support all of the time.

Favourable impact on your health

You sleep more comfortably and guaranteed anatomically correct. This ensures that your muscles and joints can relax in the best possible way. It is your back that needs sleep the most. From now on, you will rise refreshed and feel more rested.

Integration in existing bed frame is possible.

The Dorsoo ACTIVE+ sleep system can be easily integrated into an existing bed frame.

What can a Dorsoo bed do for you?

  • Reduced back and muscular pain
  • Better recovery of the intervertebral discs
  • Deeper sleep with less tossing and turning so you feel more refreshed in the morning
  • Relaxed muscles and quicker recuperation
  • Fewer or no cramps
  • Fewer headaches, less stress


In summary, the Dorsoo bed provides a better quality of life.

What our customers say about Dorsoo



I had an operation on my back and suffered from stiffness in the lower back in the morning. This has totally disappeared, even though I am pregnant 8 months at the moment. Even when I have back problems during the day due to too much exertion and the stiffness returns in the evening, it disappears after a couple of hours in bed. I am really super satisfied!



Initially, we were sceptical about the satisfaction of other customers in the advertisements for the Dorsoo bed and mattress. After the explanation in the shop, we were curious to find out the result after sleeping in our own Dorsoo bed. And yes, it is true, this is a fantastic bed and we would not want to be without it any more. So the advertising was right.



I am 100% convinced about this investment! I should have done it much earlier. Finally, I am sleeping through the night.



I miss my Dorsoo when I’m on holiday so that says it all!



After two severe hernias L4-L5, I do know what back pain means. I may experience a little pain during the day, but in view of the perfectly adjusted position during the night, I sleep perfectly well and the pain has disappeared in the morning.



Fantastic bed! More than 100% satisfied! Qualitatively speaking a much better/deeper sleep and I get up without back pain.



With a Dorsoo we sleep pain-free, and therefore better, and I have more energy to start the day. Dorsoo keeps its promise.



I am sorry we cannot take our Dorsoo on our travels, because you do realise the difference between a Dorsoo and a normal slatted base or box spring...



We’ve had a Dorsoo for 7 years now. We took the decision at the time predominantly because of the back problems (broken vertebra) of my wife. But after having been a Dorsoo sleeper for 7 years, I have to admit that this bed really makes a difference. Even without back pain your sleep is better, deeper and of a higher quality!



I did not expect this effect. Dorsoo is more efficient than a very expensive mattress of a well-known brand. What is so surprising is that my back pain is not only better in the morning, but also reduced during the day.

Types of bed bases

A fixed or adjustable slatted base to prevent back problems

Fixed slatted base

Firm base for soft nights

Adjustable slatted base

Electronically adjustable in 6 settings

Combined bed base

Each his/her own bespoke base

The advantages of the adjustable bed base

  • Designed so you can adjust the bed without discomfort to your back
  • Easy to get in and out of bed
  • Watching TV, reading or having breakfast in bed has never been so comfortable
  • Unique, patented back support
  • Small LED lamp underneath the bed (useful for navigating the room at night)
  • You can take it easy with the remote control with illuminated key pad and torch & memory feature

Types of mattresses

The ACTIVE+ mattress, the best mattress for back pain, adjusts to your body and follows the movements of the slatted base smoothly. It offers your back adequate support in each sleeping position and total relaxation for your muscles during sleep.

Flexible mattress core

The contoured mattress core, with movable segments, is specifically developed to move with the bed base smoothly. The Dorsoo mattress core is made from the most sustainable and safe cold foam with Oeko-Tex® label. The material and shape guarantee excellent ventilation.

Comfortable mattress cover

The top layer of the ACTIVE+ mattress cover is made from the natural materials kapok and viscose. The various layers are knitted together simultaneously, instead of being sewn through as in a classical mattress cover. This makes the cover particularly soft and stretchable. Moreover, the mattress cover regulates moisture and is breathable.

Hypo-allergenic mattress cover

The hypo-allergenic ACTIVE+ mattress cover has the ECO-Shield® label. This means that it has been treated against dust mites, bed bugs, moths and flies in a natural way. The ECO-Shield® label guarantees a first class performance during the lifetime of the mattress. It is 100% natural and wash-resistant.

Single or double mattress?

The way you sleep is very personal. Therefore you can choose either a single or double mattress at Dorsoo. Combine a firmer and softer mattress in one double mattress cover. Or have two fully separate mattresses. In this way you develop your dream bed for you and your partner.

Soft, medium or firm mattress?

Do you like to sink a little deeper into your mattress or prefer to lie on top of it? Or do you want to lie even more firmly? At Dorsoo you can choose from three comfort types: soft, medium and firm.

The ACTIVE+ mattress is symmetrically contoured left and right, top and bottom. This is useful for turning the mattress for a long high-quality life.

Rotatable in all directions.

The mattress is somewhat softer at shoulder level. It can be rotated in all directions without losing this advantage.

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Sleeping well is not a luxury for your health. At night, your body recovers from all the efforts of the day. Dorsoo has developed a comfortable bed that moves with you during the night and provides the correct support in any sleeping position.