Your back deserves
the best

Your back deserves the best

Take care of your sleep
and your back with Dorsoo.

Take care of your sleep and your back with Dorsoo.

Who are we?

Dorsoo is an innovative, Belgian manufacturer of unique sleep systems. The development process is carried out from A to Z: production, assembly, check,… Dorsoo works with selected partners who consider good service to be a priority. And we do this so that we can offer our customers the very best products and quality.

ACTIVE+ sleep system

The Dorsoo ACTIVE+ sleep system is an ergonomic bed that prevents and reduces back pain. The ergonomic bed base and accompanying mattress follow your movements unnoticed and provide support where it is needed. It is a sleep system that benefits everyone, not only people with back problems.

Our customers rate us at 9.1 out of 10



With a Dorsoo we sleep pain-free, and therefore better, and I have more energy to start the day. Dorsoo keeps its promise.



I am 100% convinced about this investment! I should have done it much earlier. Finally, I am sleeping through the night.



I did not expect this effect. Dorsoo is more efficient than a very expensive mattress of a well-known brand. What is so surprising is that my back pain is not only better in the morning, but also reduced during the day.



After two severe hernias L4-L5, I do know what back pain means. I may experience a little pain during the day, but in view of the perfectly adjusted position during the night, I sleep perfectly well and the pain has disappeared in the morning.



I am sorry we cannot take our Dorsoo on our travels, because you do realise the difference between a Dorsoo and a normal slatted base or box spring...



Initially, we were sceptical about the satisfaction of other customers in the advertisements for the Dorsoo bed and mattress. After the explanation in the shop, we were curious to find out the result after sleeping in our own Dorsoo bed. And yes, it is true, this is a fantastic bed and we would not want to be without it any more. So the advertising was right.



I miss my Dorsoo when I’m on holiday so that says it all!



Fantastic bed! More than 100% satisfied! Qualitatively speaking a much better/deeper sleep and I get up without back pain.



I had an operation on my back and suffered from stiffness in the lower back in the morning. This has totally disappeared, even though I am pregnant 8 months at the moment. Even when I have back problems during the day due to too much exertion and the stiffness returns in the evening, it disappears after a couple of hours in bed. I am really super satisfied!



We’ve had a Dorsoo for 7 years now. We took the decision at the time predominantly because of the back problems (broken vertebra) of my wife. But after having been a Dorsoo sleeper for 7 years, I have to admit that this bed really makes a difference. Even without back pain your sleep is better, deeper and of a higher quality!

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